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A consultant achieves successful and effective consulting through his well-founded knowledge of a subject as well as his experience and not least thanks to his social skills.

Our consultants have highly regarded performance records in various economic fields.

Interim Management

We believe that the strengths and benefits for our customers lie in the line-management and implementation experience of the relevant consultant. The implementation recommendations of the manager providing advice is therefore pragmatic and focused on small and medium sized enterprises.

Blockades in communication, often in existence in long-standing structures, can be solved quickly with our approach. For us, the measurement for project success is the ROC = Return-On-Consulting. We can show you how this works.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

In the age of competing national economies, the right direction is precisely what is important in small and medium sized enterprises. The resources of the company are often taken up with successor management, acquisitions, restructuring or mergers.

Together with our customers we develop an intelligent and individual strategy, carry out anonymous preliminary investigations and control not only the Due Diligence process but also the post-merger process.

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